Healing Touch
Jin Shin Jyutsu

A healing method that is thousands of years old

Even the ancient Egyptians and Indians were aware of this powerful art form.

The so-called streaming method

By laying your hands on the energy locks in the body, a kind of spark (energy) is set in motion, which follows the natural energy pathways.

Should there be blockages that are physical or psychological in nature, these can be resolved or eliminated, so that the body comes back to its original state of harmony.

Spiritual distance treatment

It is not necessary to be physically present for a spiritual distance treatment. The distance does not matter. The client lies or sits relaxed at home or wherever he/she can find solitude for the spiritual remote treatment. We arrange an appointment for about an hour. Remote spiritual treatment is in no way inferior to on-site treatment. The feedback from my clients speaks for itself!

Jin Shin Jyutsu can help with:

Physical body






Working for many years as a stuntman, I eventually discovered the potential of my own self-healing powers after some serious injuries. On my ‘inward search’ I came across meditation and the art of ‘Jin Shin Jyutsu’, which have become two indispensable tools for me on my spiritual path.

Markus René Pütterich

Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

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Jin Shin Jyutsu in the area of Regensburg

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