Treatment with Jin Shin Jyutsu

For me, Jin Shin Jyutsu is a valuable and important complement to conventional healing methods, as it induces deep relaxation and reduces the effects of stress. Jin Shin Jyutsu does not involve massage, manipulation, analysis and testing, or the use of medication. A gentle touch (on top of the clothing) activates the flow of divine energy that can lead to healing. By laying your hands on the energy locks in the body, a kind of spark (energy) is set in motion, which follows the natural energy pathways. If there are blockages on the way, they can be dissolved, transformed or eliminated so that body, mind and soul can return to their original state of harmony.

Duration of treatment

To begin a profound change, I recommend three treatments on three consecutive days. In the case of acute illnesses, it makes sense to stream as often as possible. In the case of chronic illnesses, it is advisable to stream two to three times a day over a longer period of time. Here, too, healing begins with the first step or with the first treatment. Each treatment lasts about 1 hour.