Spiritual distance treatment

It is not necessary to be physically present for a spiritual distance treatment. The distance does not matter. The client lies or sits relaxed at home or wherever he/she can find solitude for the spiritual remote treatment. We arrange an appointment for about an hour. Remote spiritual treatment is in no way inferior to on-site treatment. The feedback from my clients speaks for itself!

How does remote spiritual treatment work?

Every being carries a divine spark within, with which it is connected to everything that is in the universe. The source of this spark is the heart. The divine love. Neither time nor space, gender, skin color and origin play a role here. In this divine energy it is possible to transmit healing energy to me through space and time, regardless of the location of the body.

Spiritual remote treatment is used when:

You don't live nearby; you are in another city, country or continent. You are on vacation, in the hospital or don't have the opportunity to come by in person. For adults, children and animals who do not want to or cannot be touched.